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November 17, 2015

Welcome to our question and answer space in our public news area. Here, Red Giant's management can address comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, and ideas. As we move forward, we'll answer as many queries as we can and embrace new ideas in this space on a regular basis.

1) Q: What action is the board taking to properly communicate to the shareholders in the future?

A: This new format, right now! Our Facebook page has become too cluttered, and is frankly, not the correct forum for investor or investor-related questions. We still cannot discuss certain topics, of course, such as share price or other taboo subjects, but we will attempt to answer all that we can.

2) Q: What proof is there that the TRU deal is current?

A: The publicly-filed contract, which is still in force.

3) Q: Did you ever solve the problems with the Toys 'R' Us bags?

A: Yes. The manufacturer and Toys 'R' Us went back-and-forth on delivery, material weights, densities, color choices, sizes, handles, boxing options, and even design changes. This has now been satisfied.

4) Q: When the GSL did not launch on 11/04, what changes were implemented within the company?

A: We have stepped up internal advertising sales and are building a team. We have changed the sales offering to be more in line with the needs of testing marketing for new advertisers, as we are an unknown commodity. All of our efforts for advertising sales have been emboldened. Board members have increased involvement in multiple areas of the company, including product development, finance, sales, etc.

5) Q: POWfolio? As in POWELLfolio?

A: The POW in our name refers to the '60s-era POW! onomatopoeia (sound effect), not Benny's last name - though we can see where the notion comes from. We wanted a name that was short, easy to spell if heard, and wasn't going to get mixed up with all the other "comic" named apps that might be in our same genre. If you look at the successful apps and Websites out there, they fit this same criteria. Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Monster, Priceline, and Hotwire to name just a few, are all easily spoken and not misspelled as well as being memorable. We feel the same about Powfolio.

6) Q: Dave has made over $100,000 for his company. Please explain to me what he has done in the past 2 years to earn that. Tells me, he pocketed most. And yes, he and all board members received their salaries all of 2013-2014 at least.

A: David's company, Glass House Graphics, handles paying the artists and writers directly for the vast majority of our creators. David has drastically reduced his already small commission, most of which goes to paying for his overhead (international wire fees, international staff, etc.) Like many board members, David has paid out-of-pocket as well to help cover expenses of the company. Comic book art and writing of the caliber Red Giant uses are not cheap. Yet thanks to David and Glass House, we are able to get far greater bang for our buck, and the dollars spent were vast savings indeed. Little money (if any) ever actually made it into David's pockets.

The board member reported salaries are deferred through 2015 year end, and show up only as debts still owed.

7) Q: Are you guys doing a reverse split.

A: We have no plans or even discussions regarding a reverse split at this time.

8) Q: What immediate revenue ventures are in the works and when?

A: Powfolio is just one of the immediate revenue projects we are working on. We have the Markiplier mini-series comic book in development as well. We have numerous other projects in the development that we will reveal when we are able.

9) Q: Are you guys giving up?

A: No. In fact, we're working harder than ever and redoubling our efforts. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and we see clearly our path and what to do. We haven't given up, because we have no reason to.

Please direct all questions moving forward to info@redgiantentertainment.com

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